Disabling Synchronization Log in Unread Mail

In mail folders view, scroll down to "Search Folders".

Right click on the "Unread Mail" subfolder. 

Click "Customise this Search Folder" 

Click "Browse" 

Uncheck "Search Subfolders" 

Uncheck "Mailbox - "Joan Citizen" (Top level folder) 

Check "Inbox", or any other folder that have unread mail being directed to that you wish to show in your unread.



Outlook 2010: Synchronization logs in Unread Messages folder

If you use CRM in Outlook 2010, you may see messages like this show up in your “Unread Messages” folder:


First, don’t be alarmed—this is not an error—this is a change in how Outlook 2010 handles logging. However, if you are the kind of user that likes to manage e-mails in the unread messages folder, all of these synchronization log messages can get annoying. Here is how you can filter them out of the Unread Messages folder:

1. In Outlook, select the Unread Messages folder

2. Click the View tab on the ribbon

3. Click “View Settings”


4. Click Filter, then Advanced

5. Click Field and select Frequently-used fields and select “Subject.” Select “Doesn’t Contain” for Condition and enter “Synchronization Log:” for Value.

6. Click “Add to List” then “OK.”


Now your Unread Messages folder will no longer display synchronization logs

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