Windows presentation foundation terminal server print w has encountered a problem and needs to close

This error is related to the tswpfwrp.exe file that sits in the Windows\System32 folder on the Windows XP desktop PC.

To resolve this issue you will need to obtain the TsWpfWrp.exe file attached to this article and replace the existing TsWpfWrp.exe file on the Windows XP machine.

1) On the Windows XP PC browse to the c:\windows\system32 folder and rename the TsWpfWrp.exe file to tswpfwrp.bak.

2) Download the file attached to this document.

3) Copy the file onto the Windows XP PC in the c:\windows\system32 folder.

You should now be able to print successfully.

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    John Higgins

    tswpfwrp.exe file attached

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    Hi File Found ?

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