Excel cannot complete this task with available resources. Choose less data or close other applications

1) Open the Excel spreadsheet application
2) Click ‘File’ and ‘Open’

3) Click ‘Organize’ and ‘Layout’

4) Uncheck the ‘Details Pane’ and the ‘Preview Pane’ – To show the difference between the two, in the above screen shot I have unchecked the Preview Pane but not the Details Pane.  You will want to uncheck both.

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    Another thing I found can lead to this problem is that if your workbook performs web queries or data connections, these can be stored by Excel and accumulate over time leading what should be a small workbook to use GBs of memory and throw the available resources error.  I finally found the solution to clean up this problem at https://youtu.be/ZsIDLnPf09U. Just wanted to let you this is another possible thing that can take care of the problem (it did for me anyways, after months of looking for answers).

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